10 Tips to Know Xue Hua Piao Piao Bei Feng Xiao Xiao

xue hua piao piao

Xue Hua Piao Piao Bei Feng Xiao Xiao, the lyric from the Chinese household song “Yi Jian Mei,” that means “one plum blossom,” it published in 2010 by a famous songwriter Fei YuQing (Yu-ching). In recent, this song was widely used in a hit Tik Tok video with a Chinese man with a bald head who looks like the live-action version of the character Humpty Dumpty in the anime Shrek.

xue hua piao piao shrek

The music was originally part of the soundtrack for a last century Chinese drama of the same name, shot in 1980s. The Cdrama was later remade twice first – 30 episodes-shot in 2000, and the New One Plum Blossom – 40 episodes-shot in 2009.

1. Xue Hua Piao Piao Meaning

So, what does the phrase “Xue hua piao piao bei feng xiao Xiao” mean in English?

Since the lyric is an incomplete sentence, we can translate the phrase by dividing the words one by one:

  • 雪花 xuě huā = snowflakes
  • 飘飘 piāo piāo = to flutter (in the breeze)
  • 北风 běi fēng = north wind
  • 啸啸 xiào xiào = to hiss, to whistle

Now, combine with full translations for the phrase, Xue hua piao piao bei Feng Xiao Xiao means, Snowflakes are fluttering as north wind whistling.

Xue Hua Piao Piao Roblox ID – Jian MEI (HD) 

xue hua piao piao meaning

2. News Report

Xue hua piao piao refers to a Douyin (China’s version Tiktok) video of a shaven Asian man performing a classic old mandarin song Yi Jian Mei while rotating in the snow and filming himself. The Douyin video went viral with second edits on Instagram and Facebook in late March 2020, gaining mainstream popularity in early May.

The clip is now known as “Xue Hua Piao Piao” after the pinyin lyrics of the song performed by the creator. In some examples, the original 2010 performance of the song by Fei Yuqing played over unrelated images and videos of people singing. It led to a trap remix of the song that became popular on TikTok in May 2020.

3. Origin Time

Prior to January 20th, 2020, a well-known Kuaishou user, nickname zaq13520000789 posted a video of himself rotating in the snow while singing a classic Chinese song “Yi Jian Mei” (“One Plum Blossoms” or “A Spray of Plum Blossoms”).

xue hua piao piao spotify

In the early February 2020, a YouTube user Buhj uploaded the clip to his YouTube channel as the title “Chinese man in heavy snow,” with the video gaining over 69,700 views in three months. Two days later, upload by another YouTube user received over 200,000 views and 30 thousand likes.

Besides, many Instagram users also reposted the video with a wide neck, which received more than 1 million views and 10 thousand likes in a week.

4. Global Spread

Although the video did not see significant further spread until late March 2020, it gained popularity in edits on primary social media. On March 29th, the Instagram user _bluch_ posted a new edit in which the singing was replaced with the original performance of the song Yi Jian Mei by singer Fei Yu-ching.

xue hua piao piao instagram

The post quickly received over 30000 likes and has been reused by other users in further edits. Then, the video received viral spread online in the following months, often used in combination with the original clip and secondary creation.

xue hua piao piao instagram

Finally, Xue Hua Piao Piao reached mainstream popularity in mid-may 2020 with viral edits shared on Instagram, TikTok, Twitter, Facebook, and Snapchat.

5. The High Tide on Tiktok

On May 26th, 2020, TikTok influencer @spalding_ uploaded a trap remix of “Yi Jian Mei” and created a big trend using the remix by deep-frying the punchline of his joke, similar to the trend of the deep-fried conversation.

xue hua piao piao tiktok

His video gained over 1,000,000 likes in only two weeks. On May 28th, TikTok user @yoloswagmia used the sound clip in a similar way and garnered over 290,500 likes in 10 days. A few days later, TikToker @polo.boyy again uploaded a new example that received over 55460 likes in a week.

xue hua piao piao tik tok

As a result, Xue Hua Piao Piao has finally become one of the hottest topics in the world, and it has occupied a number of hotlists in many regions, even rank top 1. And people also create a Xue hua piao piao 1 hour, even 10 hour version.

And the poetic lyrics from a classic Chinese song that somehow ended up being a hotspot.

6. About Yi Jian Mei

Yi Jian Mei (一剪梅), or “One Plum Blossom” is a song from 1983 by Fei Yu-ching (费玉清), a recently retired big name in the Taiwanese music industry whose music is well known in the Greater China area. Yi Jian mei was the theme song of a TV drama of the same time that aired from 1984 to 1985 on Television and has since become one of Fei’s more recognizable works.

xue hua piao piao yi jian mei

Xue hua piao piao bei feng xiao xiao(雪花飘飘北风啸啸), which is not the title of the song, is the first line of the chorus part, which can also translate as “the snow falls and the wind blows.”

I hope that Fei Yu-ching could earn some royalties from this random meme LOL. That’s all I can say.

7. Chinese Version – Xue Hua Piao Piao Lyrics

No end of artists has recorded this great song! I search out a YouTube video with the lyrics in Pinyin, and added the Chinese lyrics:

Zhen qing / xiang cao yuan guang kuo 真情 / 像草原广阔
Ceng ceng feng yu / bu neng zu ge 层层风雨 / 不能阻隔
Zong you yun kai / ri chu shi hou 总有云开 / 日出时候
Wan zhan yang guang / zhao yao ni wo 万丈阳光 / 照亮你我

Zhen qing / xiang mei huo kai bian 真情 / 像梅花开遍
Leng leng bing xue / bu neng yan mo 冷冷冰雪 / 不能掩没
Jiu zai zui leng / zhi tou zhan fang 就在最冷 / 枝头绽放
Kan jian chun tian / zou xiang ni wo 看见春天 / 走向你我

Xue hua piao piao / bei feng xiao xiao 雪花飘飘 / 北风啸啸
Tian di / yi pian cang mang 天地 / 一片苍茫
Yi jian han mei / ao li xue zhong 一剪寒梅 / 傲立雪中
Zhi wei / yi ren / piao xiang 只为 / 伊人 / 飘香

Ai wo suo ai / wu yuan wu hui 爱我所爱 / 无怨无悔
Ci qing / chang liu / xin jian 此情 / 长留 / 心间

Xue hua piao piao / bei feng xiao xiao 雪花飘飘 / 北风啸啸
Tian di / yi pian / cang mang 天地 / 一片 / 苍茫
Yi jian han mei / ao li xue zhong 一剪寒梅 / 傲立雪中
Zhi wei / yi ren / piao xiang 只为 / 伊人 / 飘香

Ai wo suo ai / wu yuan wu hui 爱我所爱 / 无怨无悔
Ci qing / chang liu / xin jian 此情 / 长留 / 心间

In the meantime, I found a musical score for Xue hua piao piao, but unfortunately, it’s only in the Chinese language!

xue hua piao piao lyric


8. English translation version – Xue Hua Piao Piao lyrics

I also attach the link for the full lyrics in the Chinese language. The video contains English translation as well.

The Xue hua piao piao lyrics in the Chinese version are like a beautiful poem. And I’ve match Pinyin to English below, and hope you can also feel the same:

Zhen qing xiang cao yuan guang kuo >> True love is like the wild field

Ceng ceng feng yu bu neng zu ge >> Wind and rain cannot create barriers

Zong you yun kai ri chu shi hou >> The cloud will break and the sun will shine

Wan zhan yang guang zhao yao ni wo >> On you and me

Zhen qing xiang mei huo kai bian >> True love is like the blossoming plum

Leng leng bing xue bu neng yan mo >> It cannot be buried by the snow

Jiu zai zui leng zhi tou zhan fang >> It blossoms at the coldest time

Kan jian chun tian zou xiang ni wo >> And sees spring coming towards us

Xue hua piao piao bei feng xiao xiao >> The snow falls and the wind blows

Tian di yi pian cang mang >> The heaven and the Earth are completely white

Yi jian han mei ao li xue zhong >> One branch of plum stands proudly in the snow

Zhi wei yi ren piao xiang >> Its scent is only for you

Ai wo suo ai wu yuan wu hui >> My love is without complaint and regret

Ci qing chang liu xin jian >> This love always stays in my heart

9. Hot Discussions all over the world

Global netizens have expressed surprise that the classic Chinese song “Yi Jian Mei” (Xue Hua Piao Piao, Bei Feng Xiao Xiao) has become the first Chinese song to go viral in the US and EU countries and become an international meme on every social media platforms, such as Facebook, Instagram, Tik Tok, and Twitter, with many of them saying that the internet is so powerful, sometimes helps promote different place’s cultural exchange in unexpected ways.

xue hua piao piao meme

Recently, there are more and more people are joining the Xue hua piao piao, bei feng xiao xiao video challenge, “Any difficulty that comes up can be easily solved with just a Xue Hua Piao Piao.” More than 1 million videos about Xue Hua Piao Piao topics uploaded each day, according to a report by internet memes research site Know Your Meme.

xue hua piao piao meme

The related video of the song on YouTube had been viewed over 30 million times as of March after it became popular in the English-speaking world.

We can check the latest Spotify rank, it was trending in many countries’ music lists, including those in UK, France, Finland, Sweden, Norway, and New Zealand.

After the video went viral, many TikTokers with huge fans remixed the song and created a deep-fried meme trend to pair it with Tik Tok, YouTube, Twitter, and Instagram.

xue hua piao piao bei feng xiao xiao

“Social media does help foster cultural exchanges between countries with totally different backgrounds, though in unexpected ways sometimes. You never know when and how a certain song suddenly becomes popular,” one netizen commented.

10. How long can Xue Hua Piao Piao last?

According to BBC, Fox News, and other several media, the video still went viral in June 2020, with edits popping up all over Tiktok, Facebook, Instagram, YouTube, Twitter, etc.

xue hua piao piao song

“The Xue Hua Piao Piao audio is from a popular video-turned-meme of an Asian man with a shaved head singing the words Xue Hua Piao Piao from the hit song Yi Jian Mei by 2010, by singer Fei Yuqing while in the snow, and the lyrics translate to snow fluttering,” an anonymous journalist said, “and judging by the current heat, the topic of Xue hua piao piao bei feng xiao xiao may last for another 2-3 months, or even longer” the media added.


  1. The song has been a classic in Taiwan and China for many years, but in mid-2020 became famous internationally after a viral video of a shaven Chinese-speaking man singing the song in the snow. The song has also referenced 100s of millions of time on Tik Tok.

    The song recieved a re-recording in January 2010 and is the version most people listen to today.

    God job!

  2. Xue Hua Piao Piao

    The English Translation:

    A Spray of Plum Blossoms

    Ture affection is as vast as the grassland,

    Unhampered by obstacles of any kind.

    The sun will come out from the clouds eventually,

    Shedding bright light on you and me.

    Ture affection is like the plum blossoms in bloom,

    Which can’t be submerged by the clod snow.

    In freezing coldness,they bloom on the branches.

    I see spring coming to you and me.

    Snowflakes are drifting North wind is blowing.

    In the vast white world.

    The plum blossoms tower in snow.

    Givging off fragrance only for you.

    Love whom I love without regret.

    This affection will linger in my heart.

  3. “The snow falls and The wind blows”, life arrives at a low point, but The environment gradually deteriorates, but there is nothing I can do.


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