How to Read a PDF Document on Amazon Kindle

How to Read a PDF Document on Amazon Kindle

The Amazon Kindle e-book readers support PDF documents, but sometimes it’s a little difficult to read these types of files. Here are three simple tips on how to do it for free.

If you’re also one of those who uses a Kindle reader to read e-books, you’ll know that this Amazon device is not only compatible with e-books, but can also read PDF documents.

In fact, it’s very easy to access such a file using the application to check your email integrated into the Kindles. However, sometimes the steps to follow to do so are not as intuitive as they might seem.

How to Read a PDF Document on Amazon Kindle

One of the reasons could be the very nature of PDFs: static images that keep their proportions on any device. That’s good news if you access them from a large monitor, but it makes the print on the Kindle very small.

That’s why the solution is to convert any PDF into a file that can be read perfectly in an e-book reader. Here are a few tricks to learn how to do this without spending a penny.

1. Send a PDF File to Your Kindle Email Account

You may not know it, but every Kindle device has its own email account. You can find out what yours is by going to “Settings”, followed by “My Account” and finally “Send to Kindle”.

Now, all you have to do is use another email to send the PDF file in question to your Kindle account. Remember to include the word “Convert” in the subject line and attach the document to the email.

Amazon will automatically convert the content of the attachment to a size that fits your reader and can be read more comfortably. Once the conversion is complete, you should receive your Kindle email.

This method uses Whispersync technology, which has some drawbacks. The process can take from 10 minutes to several hours, so you may not always be able to access the PDF file instantly.

On the other hand, if you want to use your Kindle in a country other than the country where you registered your device, the document conversion can cost you money. You should also be aware that if the PDF has images, they may appear as matches in your Kindle.

2. Send a PDF File to Kindle App

For those who want to read PDF files on their Kindle very often, there’s another trick that makes things much easier and speeds up the sometimes tedious process of emailing a file every time you want to read a new one.

This is the Send to Kindle application, available free for both Mac and Windows computers, and even for Android smartphones. You’ll find it’s a very easy to use app.

Once installed, you’ll need to sign in using the same credentials as your Amazon account. Then simply select the documents you want to have on your Kindle, and you’re done! The converted PDFs will now be in your e-book reader.

Alternatively, you can use the extensions available for browsers such as Firefox and Google Chrome. When you’re surfing the web and you find a PDF you want to read at ease, simply send it to your Kindle in one click.

3. Convert Multiple PDFs at Once with Caliper

There is a third method to convert PDFs to files that are perfectly readable from a Kindle. This consists of using a program called Caliper, which will also allow you to convert several documents at once.

In addition, it is also recommended to use this completely free application in case you want to maintain a kind of library of converted e-books easily accessible from the same place.

Once you have installed Calibre on your computer, connect your Kindle using a USB cable like this one available at Amazon, and open the application. You will need to wait a few seconds for it to recognize your e-book reader.

Then, you can add the PDF documents to Calibre and hit the “Send to device” option. The program will be able to convert the files quickly and in a matter of minutes, you’ll have them in your Kindle.

How to Read a PDF Document on Amazon Kindle

Hope these three methods are useful to you. Happy Reading!


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