2020 Qingdao Global Venture Capital Network Conference

2020 Qingdao Global Venture Capital Network Conference

On May 8, the 2020 Qingdao – Global Venture Capital Network Conference was held at the Qingdao International Convention Center with the theme of “New Platform for International Cooperation, New Opportunities for Science and Technology Innovation Industry”, hosted by Qingdao Municipal Government.

Wang Qingxian, Standing Committee of Shandong Provincial Party Committee and Secretary of Qingdao Municipal Party Committee, attended the conference and gave the keynote speech. In his speech, Wang Qingxian pointed out that the world is changing, and Qingdao’s intention to build a world venture capital and venture capital center remains unchanged! Globalization is driven by the endogenous forces of productivity development, determined by the nature and laws of the economy, not by whose subjective will it is. Globalization may change the pattern and shape of the world, so it is normal to encounter brief difficulties, it is never the end, but a new beginning!

As an important part of the network of the world economy, China’s huge market demand is both for domestic production and international supply, and any profound changes and changes are opportunities.

“Seeing the future leads to the future, and a venture capitalist is someone who sees the future and invests in the future.” Wang Qingxian said, “Since last year, we have deeply implemented Qingdao’s investment promotion requirements, especially after holding the first global (Qingdao) venture capital conference, the private equity fund managers in 2019 growth rate is the first in the nation, and the construction of Qingdao World Venture Capital Center is accelerating.”

“Major distress necessarily breeds major opportunity, both for investors and entrepreneurs.” Wang Qingxian said the Internet has accelerated into a new phase under the pressure of the epidemic, and this new phase is the Industrial Internet.

Qingdao has a complete industrial system and a rich application scene, and is currently relying on the Artificial Intelligence Industry Community and Haier-Kaos Industrial Internet Platform to build the world industrial Internet capital.

Qingdao regards entrepreneurs, start-ups and teams as the most valuable talents, and has introduced a series of policies to support innovation and entrepreneurship, so that more talents and projects in Qingdao’s industrial Internet ecology can be docked with venture capital to achieve a win-win situation.

Qingdao is a city of youth, a city of entrepreneurship, a unicorn; Qingdao is a platform, a platform to bring together the world’s innovative entrepreneurs. “I hope more investors will come to Qingdao to invest and work together to make Qingdao the industrial Internet capital of the world,” concluded Wang.

Qingdao 2020 – Global Venture Capital Network Conference is a two-day conference with one main forum, four sub-forums, nearly 20 roundtable forums, regional roadshows, project launches, and more than 20 webcast platforms to broadcast the conference.


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