Shanghai Disney has Reopened – First Day Experience

Shanghai Disney has Reopened - First Day Experience

On May 11, Shanghai Disneyland became the first Disneyland in the world to reopen.

Disney said most attractions, including rides, some entertainment shows, and shops and restaurants in Shanghai Disneyland will resume operations on a traffic-controlled basis starting in the 11th, while some attractions and experiences with frequent interactions, such as children’s play areas, and theater shows will be temporarily closed to visitors.

I saw in the official APP of Shanghai Disneyland that on the first day of reopening, the queuing time for all rides in the park was significantly reduced, with waiting times of about 5 minutes for many items and less than 20 minutes for popular items, which greatly improved the experience of guests.

We ordered our tickets in the morning and entered Disneyland at about 15:00 that day. In the afternoon, there were no more tourists in the queue, and the place would certainly be crowded if it were on a normal day. Since it is past the peak period for entry, the queue fence at the entrance is not used and the number of people on the outside of the park is low.

According to Disney staff, there is currently no offline ticketing, only online ticketing, after the purchase of tickets, you need to scan the reservation code at the entrance, registration information, identity card information and contact information, and then after the staff security check before entering.

Although there are not many visitors at the entrance, the only entrance is always staffed by four or five people for visitor entry.

Shanghai Disneyland will implement a series of new operational initiatives and processes during the initial period of resumption of operations, including the implementation of flow restrictions, requiring guests to purchase tickets and reservations in advance, arranging safe distances in the park’s queuing areas, restaurants, rides and other facilities, and increasing the frequency of sanitation and disinfection, according to official Disney information.

At around 15:30 p.m., the park’s loudspeaker loop said that there were no more tickets available today, so visitors who want to enter the park should purchase tickets online first. Staff said that visitors entering the park today had bought their tickets beforehand, and if it was a weekend, they would need to book a week in advance. But asked how many people came to the park today, they said the actual number “is unknown, but it’s small and many people couldn’t get tickets”.

A brief interview with visitors to the park revealed that the amusement facilities were largely open, but the interactive programs – such as the performance programs – were not, as were the other densely packed programs.

From the visitors coming out of the park, the parent-child tour became the main visitor on the first day of the park. According to the notification of Shanghai, the senior and junior grades have returned to school on April 27, other schools need to be ready to return to school before May 6, so Disney’s child visitors are generally young age.

Looking at the park, security, cleaning and staff are still present in all areas, although there are fewer visitors, and security guards are on patrol outside the park at all times.

If you’re looking for a place to have fun in Shanghai these days, Disney is a great option where you can play as much as you want and not have to wait in line for long.


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