Top 10 iPad Pro User Guides & Secrets

Top 10 iPad Pro User Guides & Secrets

As the owner of a next-generation iPad Pro, I have to say that I’m delighted with this Apple tablet, but you have to be very clear about what you’re looking for with this tablet: Do you want a replacement for your laptop, for your MacBook?

I’ll tell you 10 secrets of the iPad Pro that have made this device has become essential in my daily life.

10 iPad Pro secrets to getting the most out of this Apple tablet

Top 10 iPad Pro User Guides & Secrets

In 2020 Apple has launched a new iPad pro with a new improved keyboard with a trackpad (really expensive), better cameras, and processor. It’s only worth it if you don’t already have it. If you have an older model… wait a little longer.

1. Without the keyboard and the Apple Pencil… it’s no longer “pro”

It’s like that. You spend an awful lot of money on the Apple tablet and realize that you need to buy the Apple keyboard and Pencil as well to get the most out of it… and the worst thing is that they are not cheap devices.

The Smart Keyboard for the 12.9″ model costs 269 dollars and the latest generation Apple Pencil costs a whopping 149 dollar… And it’s worth it. With these two extras, the iPad Pro makes sense, but it’s not something everyone can afford.

With the keyboard, which connects immediately to the iPad, you’ll be able to type as if you had a computer in front of you. The only drawback is that it’s not backlit.

Top 10 iPad Pro User Guides & Secrets

With the Pencil, you’ll be able to take advantage of countless photo retouching (Pixelmator) and painting (Procreate) apps.

2. Don’t buy the 11-inch model if you want to use it as a computer

If you want to use the iPad Pro as a replacement for your MacBook, don’t buy the 11-inch model. Its screen is too small for multitasking.

When you use split-screen apps, you’ll need the full-screen width to be comfortable. And that’s going to be even more important when Apple launches its next iOs, the iOS 13.

3. Without applications your iPad Pro is useless

Well, that’s clear. You’re gonna have to go through the checkout line to get the full benefit of the iPad Pro. You need a few. I recommend the following:

  • Documents: to manage the files on your tablet
  • 1Password: to manage your passwords easily
  • Pixelmator: for photo retouching
  • Procreate: to draw like a master with your Apple Pencil
  • Shortcuts: to increase your productivity
  • VLC: for watching all kinds of videos on the iPad
  • Apollo: to see Reddit as God commands
  • Notability: to take notes with your Apple Pencil
  • Things: to manage reminders and much more
  • IA Writer: to write your next novel

4. Face ID is a blessing in disguise on the iPad Pro

The iPad Pro’s screen unlocking system is a wonder… and I’m not saying anything if you use it in combination with 1Password, the password manager. Just by having your face in front of the iPad, you’ll be able to unlock 1Password and put the password on the web pages you visit.

Top 10 iPad Pro User Guides & Secrets

And best of all, you can place your iPad any way you want, which always recognizes you thanks to the many cameras in the frames.

5. Don’t leave the Apple Pencil always “stuck” to the iPad Pro

It’s a temptation, but you’d better not: the battery in the iPad Pro will last you a lifetime. Better to leave it unplugged while you’re not using it. It’s a shame to lose battery life by having this device glued to the side of your tablet.

6. The USB-C port is useful… but still not much

When you learn that iPad Pro has a USB-C port, the first thing you think about is being able to plug in a flash drive and easily move files between iPad and your flash drive… but you don’t. Apple has caught on to this utility for the moment, and we’re only going to be able to pass in photos.

In the meantime, you’re going to have to move your files between your different devices using Dropbox, Google Drive, or iCloud.

7. Do yourself a favor: buy a USB-C hub for the iPad Pro

It’s essential, but you have headphones with 3.5mm jack connector you will need an adapter to connect them to this tablet.

These hubs also come with HDMI connectors to connect the tablet to an external display, USB 3.0 port.

8. I couldn’t turn off the iPad Pro either

How complicated, not that it’s a device that’s meant to be turned off, but when you want to do it the first thing that comes to mind is to press the button on the left… and that turns off the screen.

To turn off iPad Pro, you have to press the Screen Lock Button and any of the volume buttons on the device at the same time. A slider will then appear to turn off the iPad.

9. You can put a lot of apps in the dock, and folders

Something very interesting to improve productivity when using the iPad Pro. You can put many more apps in the dock than on iPhone, and you can put app folders in the dock so you can have them all at hand when you open multiple apps at once.

Now you can clear the iPad screen to enjoy your wallpapers.

Top 10 iPad Pro User Guides & Secrets

10. Learn the keyboard shortcuts

There’s no better advice than this. Use keyboard shortcuts to increase your productivity. You’ll get things done much faster. You don’t need a mouse on iPad Pro.

Want to quickly see a list of keyboard shortcuts you can use with each app on iPad Pro? Just press and hold the Command key .

What are the most common keyboard shortcuts?

  • Cut: Command-X
  • Copy: Command-C
  • Paste: V-command
  • Bold: B-Command
  • Italics: I-Command
  • Start button: H-command
  • Search: Command-Space
  • Change apps: Command-Tab
  • Select all: Command-A

Do you want to edit texts like a professional?

  • Shift + Left/Right: start text selection left/right of the cursor, one character at a time
  • Shift + Command + Left/Right: selects the entire line, left/right of the cursor
  • Shift + Command + Up/Down: selects all text in the document (above or below the cursor)
  • Option + Left/Right: moves the cursor one character at a time
  • Option + Shift + Left/Right: select the previous/next word
  • Command + Left: Jump to the end of the line
  • Command + Right: Jumps to the beginning of the current line
  • Command + Up: Jump to the top of the page
  • Command + Down: Jump to the bottom of page

Do you want to take a screenshot?

  • Command + Shift + 3: takes a screenshot that is saved in the photo app.
  • Command + Shift + 4: takes a screenshot and automatically opens in edit mode.

Keyboard shortcuts in Safari?

  • Control + Shift + Tab: Switch to the previous tab
  • Control + Tab: Switches to the next tab
  • Control + F: The Search function appears
  • Command + L: highlights the text entry field
  • Command + Shift + R: activates reader mode for the current page
  • Command + T: Open new tab
  • Command + W: Close current tab

How’s that? Which secret do you find most useful? Welcome to comment and leave your answer.


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